Your Mallamaci Tour Professionals…



Name: Gino Mallamaci


Gino was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  He currently lives in Manalapan NJ, with his beautiful wife and three young sons.  Gino is a CPA with his own accounting firm, located in Morganville, NJ.  He has been visiting Italy since he was a young boy.  Thus far, Gino has traveled to Italy 31 times, 26 in the last twelve years.  Recently, Gino has acquired dual-citizenship.  He wishes to share his passion and love of Italy with you. There are endless sights to see and delicious foods and wines to experience together!


Name:  Domenico (Mico) Rosaci 


Mico has been in the hospitality business for over 20 years.  He has extensive knowledge of Italy, and is our personal food and wine connoisseur.  He will pick the finest restaurants and most exquisite wines for us to enjoy.  Mico lives in Melito, Calabria with his wife and young son.


Name:  Giovanni Mallamaci

Born and raised in Calabria, Giovanni still lives in his home town of San Basilio.  He and his lovely wife have two young sons.  Giovanni has been driving tour buses all over Italy for more than seventeen years.


Name: Nino Squillaci

Born and raised in Calabria, Nino has been helping us since 2010. He is married with 2 children. Nino and Gino are 3rd cousins. He brings great energy and love on each tour!


Name: Ezio Barbaro

Born and raised in Calabria, Ezio joined us in 2013 He is married with two grown children. Ezio is always smiling and very jovial. He loves helping others and making sure that all our guests want for nothing!