What’s Included



  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner - all you can eat & drink, including vino!

  • Unlimited gelato!

  • Snacks and drinks from the hotel room refrigerator!

  • All admissions, first-class transportation, and gondola ride in Venice!

  • Leisure to have lunch or dinner on your own at any time!**

  • 4 Star Hotels!

  • Complimentary DVD full of videos and pictures recapping your trip!

* Airline Policy

-Airfare is not included.  Mallamaci Tours can assist you with booking airfare on request.

-If you choose the 13 night trip, you will be required to purchase a “one-way” ticket from Reggio Calabria to Rome.  You must book Alitalia, it is the only air-line for this route.

-Please note it is each traveler’s sole responsibility to know their air-carrier’s luggage requirements, limitations, and procedures.  Delays may be incurred on your return trip home, if flying an airline other than Alitalia, which may cause additional fees.  Mallamaci Tours is not responsible for delays of any kind, or any fees associated with a delay or over weight luggage.

*** Gratuities for Mallamaci Tours Staff